ADO.NET Provider for BigCommerce

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Returns images registered for products.

Table Specific Information


SELECT * FROM ProductImages 

There are two alternatives to inserting new product images for BigCommerce, ImageFile and ImageUrl.

Insert using ImageFile

To insert a new Product Image using ImageFile, you only need the ProductId and the local path of your ImageFile written as a string using forward slashes as directory separators. BigCommerce does not allow for additional parameters when inserting an image using ImageFile. Trying to do so, will return an error.

INSERT INTO ProductImages (ProductId, ImageFile) VALUES (963, 'C:/dev/tests/v19/ProviderBigCommerce/DDHU.jpg');

Insert using ImageUrl

In addition to using ImageFiles, you can add Product Images by using ImageUrl-s of images on the Web. When inserting by ImageUrl-s, you can add additional fields to your query such as Description, SortOrder, and IsThumbnail..

INSERT INTO ProductImages (ProductId, ImageUrl) VALUES (955, '');


UPDATE ProductImages SET Description='Testing123' where Id=265


DELETE FROM ProductImages WHERE Id = 3


Name Type ReadOnly References Description
Id [KEY] Integer False

The Id of the image.

ProductId [KEY] Integer False


The Id of the corresponding product.

ImageFile String False

The local path to the original image file uploaded to BigCommerce.

StandardUrl String False

Standard Image URL for the product.

ThumbnailUrl String False

The thumbnail URL for this image. By default, this is the image size used on the category page and in side panels.

IsThumbnail Boolean False

Flag for identifying whether the image is used as the product's thumbnail.

SortOrder Integer False

The order in which the image will be displayed on the product page.

Description String False

The description for the image.

DateModified Datetime True

The last modification date of the image.



Name Type Description
ImageUrl String

The local path to the original image file to be uploaded to BigCommerce.

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Build 23.0.8839