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BigCommerce アプリの作成

To obtain an OAuthClientId, OAuthClientSecret, and CallbackURL, you first need to create an app linked to your BigCommerce account. See "Generating an Access Token" in "Establishing a Connection" for the procedure to generate an OAuth access token.

To create an app linked to your BigCommerce account:

  1. Navigate to Big Commerce login.
  2. Log in to your BigCommerce account.
  3. Click Create an app, specify an app nickname, and click Create.
  4. Complete forms 1 and 2 corresponding to your App Summary and Details. In form 3, you can set the Technical details of you application.
    • You can choose whether your app will be accessed by multiple users or only the store owner.
    • Furthermore, choose Single-Click for the App Type that complies with the standard OAuth flow.
    • Among other Technical details, set the Auth Callback URL to http://localhost:33333 or choose a different port.
    • By the end of this form, you must choose the OAuth Scopes for the app you are creating.
  5. After completing the rest of the forms required to create your app, click Update and Close.

Once you are done with creating a new app, it will be displayed on your screen. From there, you can click View Client ID to reveal your newly created app's client ID and client secret. You can now use these credentials to connect to BigCommerce by setting them as the following connection properties:

  • AuthScheme: OAuth
  • OAuthClientId: Client Id
  • OAuthClientSecret: Client secret
  • CallbackURL: Auth Callback URL
  • InitiateOAuth: GETANDREFRESH

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Build 23.0.8770