CData Python Connector for BigCommerce

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Using OAuth Authentication

This section documents how to obtain OAuth authentication credentials and use them to connect to BigCommerce. You can either obtain BigCommerce OAuth credentials directly from your BigCommerce account's UI or by creating a BigCommerce App.

Generating an OAuthAccess Token from BigCommerce

Generating an OAuthAccess Token from BigCommerce describes how to obtain the credentials to connect to BigCommerce. The access token authorizes specific account information to be shared. In this flow, there is no web browser that that pops up during execution because you will explicitly create and accept permissions for your app directly in the BigCommerce UI. This is the easiest way to connect and is recommended for users who are just accessing their personal or company data.

Creating a BigCommerce App

Creating a BigCommerce App describes how to create a custom app to connect to BigCommerce. This method details how to create an application for distribution and is required for each of the Custom Credentials and Headless Machines sections. Creating an app is more complicated than generating a single OAuthAccess Token, but may be more desireable for client integrations where your design is to connect or allow access to multiple clients, or an administrative scenario where the admin creates an app to be authorized individually by multiple individual users.

Custom Credentials

You will need to register an app to obtain the OAuthClientId and OAuthClientSecret. See Custom Credentials for the procedure.

Headless Machines

In the headless OAuth flow, the user needs to authenticate via a browser on another machine. See Headless Machines for more information.

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