Tableau Connector for UPS

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Generates a shipping label for each package in a given shipment. This table will, at a minimum, take pertinent input information from the Shipments, Senders, Recipients, and Packages tables. Depending on the ShipmentId provided, the Payors, CommercialInvoices, and Commodities tables may be examined as well. The output will be a result set of pertinent label information across multiple records. Each record will be automatically inserted into the LabelHistory table. Unlike GenerateLabels, this procedure will reverse the Sender and Recipient when creating the label.

Procedure Specific Information

The stored procedure will examine the following tables for input:

  • Shipments
  • Senders
  • Recipients
  • Packages
  • Payors
  • CommercialInvoices (Intl only)
  • Commodities (Intl only)

The stored procedure will add its output as records to the following table:

  • LabelHistory


In order to execute this procedure, one must specify ServiceType, and ShipmentId. See the example below:

EXECUTE GenerateReturnLabels ServiceType = 'Ground', ShipmentId = 3


Name Type Description
ShipmentId Integer Identifier for the shipment details to generate the label for.
ServiceType String Type of service for the shipment as enumerated.

使用できる値は次のとおりです。Unspecified, First_Class, Priority_Mail, Expedited_Mail_Innovations, Priority_Mail_Innovations, Economy_Mail_Innovations, Next_Day_Air, Express, 2nd_Day_Air, Ground, Worldwide_Express, Worldwide_Expedited, Expedited, Standard, 3Day_Select, Next_Day_Air_Saver, Saver, Next_Day_Air_Early_AM, Express_Early_AM, Worldwide_Express_Plus, Express_Plus, 2nd_Day_Air_AM, Today_Standard, Today_Courrier, Today_Inter_City, Today_Express, Today_Express_Saver, Worldwide_Express_Freight, Sure_Post_Less_Than_1LB, Sure_Post_1LB_OR_Greater, Sure_Post_BPM, Sure_Post_Media

LabelImageType String File format of of the generated label as enumerated.

使用できる値は次のとおりです。GIF, EPL, SPL, ZPL, STAR

SpecialServices String Additional services to apply to the shipment as enumerated.

使用できる値は次のとおりです。HoldForPickup, LiftgateDropoff, LiftgatePickup, ReturnShipment, SaturdayPickup, SaturdayDelivery, ReturnOfDocument, ImportControl, CommercialInvoiceRemoval, ExchangeForward, CarbonNeutral, DropoffAtUPSFacility, DeliverToAddresseeOnly, DirectDeliveryOnly

Result Set Columns

Name Type Description
LabelId Integer Identifier for generated label.
ShipmentId Integer Identifier for applicable shipment.
PackageId Integer Identifier for the specific package for this label.
SenderId Integer Identifier for the shipment's sender.
RecipientId Integer Identifier for the shipment's recipient.
LabelDate Datetime Date the label was generated.
MasterTrackingNumber String Tracking Number for the entire shipment.
TrackingNumber String Tracking Number for this package.
Surcharges Decimal Total surcharges for this package.
TotalBaseCharge Decimal Base charge of the entire shipment.
TotalNetCharge Decimal Net charge of the entire shipment.
TotalSurcharges Decimal Total surcharges for the entire shipment.
ShippingLabelFile String File location for the generated label for this package.
ShipmentType String Type of service used to generate label.
IsReturnShipment Boolean Whether or not this label was for a return shipment.

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Build 21.0.7930