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Collection of determined shipping time details. This table is populated by the GetShippingTime stored procedure. Consequently, it is not possible to INSERT or UPDATE this table directly, but DELETE is still enabled.

Table Specific Information

The following stored procedures will add records to this table:

  • GetShippingTime


INSERT statements are not supported for this table.


UPDATE statements are not supported for this table.


Name Type ReadOnly References Description
TimeId [KEY] Integer False

Identifier of the time details.

ServiceType String False

Type of UPS service rendered as enumerated. Valid values are the following: Unspecified, First_Class, Priority_Mail, Expedited_Mail_Innovations, Priority_Mail_Innovations, Economy_Mail_Innovations, Next_Day_Air, Express, 2nd_Day_Air, Ground, Worldwide_Express, Worldwide_Expedited, Expedited, Standard, 3Day_Select, Next_Day_Air_Saver, Saver, Next_Day_Air_Early_AM, Express_Early_AM, Worldwide_Express_Plus, Express_Plus, 2nd_Day_Air_AM, Today_Standard, Today_Courrier, Today_Inter_City, Today_Express, Today_Express_Saver, Worldwide_Express_Freight, Sure_Post_Less_Than_1LB, Sure_Post_1LB_OR_Greater, Sure_Post_BPM, Sure_Post_Media

GuaranteedDescription String False

Textual description of a guaranteed delivery for a UPS service type.

CustomerCenterCutoff String False

Time the UPS Customer Service Center closes.

DeliveryDate String False

Date of shipment delivery for the ServiceType.

DeliveryDay String False

Day of the week for the delivery date.

ShipDate String False

Date UPS picks up the package from the origin.

BusinessDays Integer False

Number of business days from origin to destination location.

DelayDays Integer False

Number of days the shipment is delayed in customs.

RestDays Integer False

Number of days the shipment is in rest due to non-business days.

Holidays Integer False

Number of national holidays during transit.

Disclaimer String False

A conditional statement about the validity of the service being guaranteed.

SenderCountry String False

Country name from which the shipment is originating.

RecipientCountry String False

Country name to which the shipment is destined.

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Build 21.0.7930