Tableau Connector for UPS

Build 20.0.7695

Getting Started

The CData Tableau Connector for UPS is built on top of a JDBC driver. This section discusses how to install the connector, set up a data source, and connect from Tableau.

Installing the Connector

Installing the Connector describes how to install the CData Tableau Connector for UPS.

Connecting from Tableau

Getting Data shows how to create a UPS Data Source from Tableau's Connect To Server window.

UPS Version Support

The connector uses UPS credentials to interact with UPS shipping services. The connector uses data stored locally on your machine as input to perform various tasks, such as label creation, rate calculation, and tracking. Upon completing certain tasks, history tables are then populated locally and can be queried later. See Connecting to UPS to authenticate to the UPS shipping services.

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Build 20.0.7695