ADO.NET Provider for Amazon S3

Build 21.0.7930


Returns a bucket's replication configuration.

Table Specific Information


The 本製品 uses the Amazon S3 API to process search criteria that refers to the Bucket column. The 本製品 processes other filters client side within the 本製品. For example, the following queries are processed server side.

SELECT * FROM BucketsReplication

SELECT * FROM BucketsReplication WHERE Bucket = 'TestBucket'


Name Type Description
Id [KEY] String The unique identifier for the rule.
Priority String If you specify multiple rules with overlapping filters, identifies the rule priority.
Status String Whether a rule is enabled. If Status is not set to Enabled, Amazon S3 ignores the rule
DeleteMarkerStatus String A container that describes whether Amazon S3 replicates the delete markers.
DestinationBucket String The name of the bucket where Amazon S3 stores replicas of objects identified by the rule.
Bucket String The name of the current bucket.

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Build 21.0.7930