JDBC Driver for Amazon S3

Build 21.0.8137

Stored Procedures

Stored procedures are available to complement the data available from the Data Model. It may be necessary to update data available from a view using a stored procedure because the data does not provide for direct, table-like, two-way updates. In these situations, the retrieval of the data is done using the appropriate view or table, while the update is done by calling a stored procedure. Stored procedures take a list of parameters and return back a dataset that contains the collection of tuples that constitute the response.

CData JDBC Driver for Amazon S3 Stored Procedures

Name Description
CopyObject Copies an object from one bucket to another.
DownloadObjects Passes the name of a bucket and object to download.
DownloadObjectTorrent Uses the BitTorrent protocol to retrieve any publicly-accessible objects.
UploadObject Uploads objects in a single operation.

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Build 21.0.8137