CData Python Connector for Qoo10

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Retrieve and query information related goods.


The 本製品 will use the Qoo10 API to process WHERE clause conditions built with the following columns and operators. The rest of the filter is executed client side within the 本製品.

  • ItemNo supports the '=' operator.
  • SellerCode supports the '=' operator.
For example, the following query is processed server side:
SELECT * FROM GoodsDetail WHERE ItemNo=625522959
SELECT * FROM GoodsDetail WHERE ItemNo=510833894 AND SellerCode='qoo10-201105-03'
You can turn off client-side execution by setting SupportEnhancedSQL to false in which case any search criteria that refers to other columns will cause an error.


Required fields for an insert are: ItemTitle, SecondSubCatCd, ImageUrl, ItemDetail, RetailPrice, SellPrice, ItemQty, ExpireDate, ShippingNo and AdultYN.
Optional: ContactTel, ManufacturerCd, BrandCd, SellerCode, IndustrialCode, ProductionPlace, AvailableDateType, AvailableDateValue.

INSERT INTO GoodsDetail  (ItemTitle,SecondSubCatCd,ImageUrl,ItemDetail,RetailPrice,SellPrice,ItemQty,ExpireDate,ShippingNo,AdultYN) VALUES('Insert test 22','300000113','','Just for testing purpose 2.',41,120,21,'2019/12/12','0','N')


Qoo10 allows updates for the ItemTitle,ItemStatus, ItemDetail, SellPrice, ItemQty, ImageUrl, SecondSubCatCd, ManufacturerCd,BrandCd,IndustrialCode,ProductionPlace and ContactTel columns.

 UPDATE GoodsDetail SET ItemDetail = 'Test', SecondSubCatCd='300000113' WHERE ItemNo=624988017


GoodsDetail can be deleted by providing the ItemNo.

DELETE FROM GoodsDetail WHERE ItemNo=625401830


Name Type ReadOnly Description
ItemNo [KEY] Integer True

The item code of Qoo10.

ItemTitle String False

Item Title

ItemStatus String False

Item Status. Possible values are: (1 : On Queue, 2 : Available, 3 : Deleted)

MainCatCd String True

Item's main category code of the Qoo10. (ex.100000001)

MainCatNm String True

Item's main category name of the Qoo10. (ex.Women's Clothing)

FirstSubCatCd String True

Item's sub-category code of the Qoo10. (ex.200000001)

FirstSubCatNm String True

Item's sub-category category name of the Qoo10. (ex.Dresses)

SecondSubCatCd String False

Item's 2nd sub-category code of the Qoo10. (ex.300000001)

SecondSubCatNm String True

Item's sub-category category name of the Qoo10. (ex.Dresses)

SellerCode String False

Item code managed by the seller.

IndustrialCode String False

Industrial Code such as JAN Code or ISBN etc. If you fill in the standard code, the item would be exposed in the price comparison sites.

RetailPrice Decimal False

Reference price of the item.

SellPrice Decimal False

Price of the item.

SettlePrice Decimal True

Settle price of the item.

ItemQty Integer False

Available item Qty

ExpireDate Date True

Expiry date to sell the item Please input with this format (yyyy-mm-dd). If you input

ManufacturerCd String False

Manufacturer code that is registered in Qoo10. (ex. 21750)

ManufacturerNm String True

Manufacturer name that is registered in Qoo10.

BrandCd String False

Brand code that is registered in Qoo10. (ex. 21750)

BrandNm String True

Brand name that is registered in Qoo10.

AdultYN String False

If the item is an adult product, the value is 'Y'. If not, the value is 'N'

ShippingNo Intiger False

Qoo10 Shipping fee code.

ContactTel String False

Contact number of the seller.

ItemDetail String False

Description of the item.

ImageUrl String False

The Standard image of item.

ProductionPlace String False

Place of production.

AvailableDateType String True

Information of the available shipping date type ( null : do not edit 0: do not set 1 : preparing date , 2 : release date )

AvailableDateValue String True

If Type= 1(Preparing date), preparing date (dd) enter : ex) 5. If Type 2=(release date), set release date(YYYY-MM-DD) : ex) 2011-09-15. If Type null, the setting value = null : do not edit

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