BizTalk Adapter for Oracle OCI

Build 20.0.7654

Establishing a Connection

To access Oracle OCI data in BizTalk, you need to configure the adapter and then configure the connection.

Configure the Oracle OCI Adapter

You can configure the adapter in the properties for the receive location or send port: Select the adapter in the Type menu, and then click Configure. You can then specify receive or transmit properties in the Transport Properties dialog that is displayed.

See Adapter Configuration for guides to configure the adapter for receive locations and send ports.

Configure the Connection

After you configure the adapter, you need to configure connection properties. In the Transport Properties dialog, click the button in the Connection String box. You can set connection properties in the dialog that is displayed.

Before you Connect

To connect to Oracle, you'll first need to update the appropriate environment variable and ensure it contains a folder location that includes the Oracle OCI Library assemblies, which are shipped alongside the adapter. The correct environmenet varaible depends upon your platform:

  • Windows: The native libraries should be on your PATH.
  • Mac: The native libraries should be on your DYLIB_LIBRARY_PATH.
  • Linux: The native libraries should be on your LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

These native libraries can be found in the lib folder inside the installation directory of the adapter.

Connecting to Oracle OCI

Once you have added the appropriate libraries to your PATH, set the following to connect:

  • Port: The port used to connect to the server hosting the Oracle database.
  • User: The user Id provided for authentication with the Oracle database.
  • Password: The password provided for authentication with the Oracle database.
  • Service Name: The service name of the Oracle database.

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Build 20.0.7654