ADO.NET Provider for Apache Kafka

Build 21.0.7940


This section provides a complete list of the SSL properties you can configure in the connection string for this provider.

SSLCertPath to the Keystore location or to the client's certificate location.
SSLClientCertThe TLS/SSL client certificate store for SSL Client Authentication (2-way SSL).
SSLClientCertTypeThe type of key store containing the TLS/SSL client certificate.
SSLCertPasswordThe password of the Keystore or of the client's private key.
SSLClientCertPasswordThe password for the TLS/SSL client certificate.
SSLClientCertSubjectThe subject of the TLS/SSL client certificate.
SSLServerCertThe certificate to be accepted from the server when connecting using TLS/SSL.
SSLIdentificationAlgorithmThe endpoint identification algorithm used by the Apache Kafka data provider client app to validate server host name.
SSLKeySet either the password to decrypt the client private key or the path of the client's private key depending on the data provider edition.
TrustStorePathPath to the Truststore or Certification Authorities (CA) location.

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Build 21.0.7940