ADO.NET Provider for Apache Kafka

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Connection String Options

The connection string properties are the various options that can be used to establish a connection. This section provides a complete list of the options you can configure in the connection string for this provider. Click the links for further details.

For more information on connecting, see Establishing a Connection.


AuthSchemeThe scheme used for authentication. Accepted entries are Auto,Plain,Scram,Kerberos.
UserThe user who is authenticating to Apache Kafka.
PasswordThe password used to authenticate to Apache Kafka.
BootstrapServersThe address of the Apache Kafka BootstrapServers to which you are connecting to.
TopicThe name of the topic to produce into.
UseSSLThis field sets whether SSL is enabled.


ConsumerGroupIdSpecifies which group should the consumers created by the driver belong to.
AutoCommitSpecifies if the Apache Kafka consumer should autocommit after each poll.


KerberosKeytabFileThe Keytab file containing your pairs of Kerberos principals and encrypted keys.
KerberosSPNThe service principal name (SPN) for the Kerberos Domain Controller.
KerberosServiceNameThe Kerberos service name you will authenticate.
UseKerberosTicketCacheIn case that you don't want to use a keytab file but instead a ticket cache with the logged in user.


SSLCertPath to the Keystore location or to the client's certificate location.
SSLClientCertThe TLS/SSL client certificate store for SSL Client Authentication (2-way SSL).
SSLClientCertTypeThe type of key store containing the TLS/SSL client certificate.
SSLCertPasswordThe password of the Keystore or of the client's private key.
SSLClientCertPasswordThe password for the TLS/SSL client certificate.
SSLClientCertSubjectThe subject of the TLS/SSL client certificate.
SSLServerCertThe certificate to be accepted from the server when connecting using TLS/SSL.
SSLIdentificationAlgorithmThe endpoint identification algorithm used by the Apache Kafka data provider client app to validate server host name.
SSLKeySet either the password to decrypt the client private key or the path of the client's private key depending on the data provider edition.
TrustStorePathPath to the Truststore or Certification Authorities (CA) location.


RegistryVersionVersion of the schema read from RegistryUrl for the specified topic.
RegistryUrlThe server for the schema registry. When this property is specified, the driver will read Apache Avro schema from the server.
RegistryUserUsername to authorize with the server specified in RegistryUrl .
RegistryPasswordPassword to authorize with the server specified in RegistryUrl .
RegistryTypeType of the schema specified for the a specific topic.
RegistryServiceThe Schema Registry service used for working with topic schemas.


FirewallTypeThe protocol used by a proxy-based firewall.
FirewallServerThe name or IP address of a proxy-based firewall.
FirewallPortThe TCP port for a proxy-based firewall.
FirewallUserThe user name to use to authenticate with a proxy-based firewall.
FirewallPasswordA password used to authenticate to a proxy-based firewall.


ProxyAutoDetectThis indicates whether to use the system proxy settings or not. This takes precedence over other proxy settings, so you'll need to set ProxyAutoDetect to FALSE in order use custom proxy settings.
ProxyServerThe hostname or IP address of a proxy to route HTTP traffic through.
ProxyPortThe TCP port the ProxyServer proxy is running on.
ProxyAuthSchemeThe authentication type to use to authenticate to the ProxyServer proxy.
ProxyUserA user name to be used to authenticate to the ProxyServer proxy.
ProxyPasswordA password to be used to authenticate to the ProxyServer proxy.
ProxySSLTypeThe SSL type to use when connecting to the ProxyServer proxy.
ProxyExceptionsA semicolon separated list of destination hostnames or IPs that are exempt from connecting through the ProxyServer .


LogfileA filepath which designates the name and location of the log file.
VerbosityThe verbosity level that determines the amount of detail included in the log file.
LogModulesCore modules to be included in the log file.
MaxLogFileSizeA string specifying the maximum size in bytes for a log file (for example, 10 MB).
MaxLogFileCountA string specifying the maximum file count of log files.


LocationA path to the directory that contains the schema files defining tables, views, and stored procedures.
BrowsableSchemasThis property restricts the schemas reported to a subset of the available schemas. For example, BrowsableSchemas=SchemaA,SchemaB,SchemaC.
TablesThis property restricts the tables reported to a subset of the available tables. For example, Tables=TableA,TableB,TableC.
ViewsRestricts the views reported to a subset of the available tables. For example, Views=ViewA,ViewB,ViewC.


AutoCacheAutomatically caches the results of SELECT queries into a cache database specified by either CacheLocation or both of CacheConnection and CacheProvider .
CacheProviderThe name of the provider to be used to cache data.
CacheConnectionThe connection string for the cache database. This property is always used in conjunction with CacheProvider . Setting both properties will override the value set for CacheLocation for caching data.
CacheLocationSpecifies the path to the cache when caching to a file.
CacheToleranceThe tolerance for stale data in the cache specified in seconds when using AutoCache .
OfflineUse offline mode to get the data from the cache instead of the live source.
CacheMetadataThis property determines whether or not to cache the table metadata to a file store.


NativeLibPathThe absolute path of the .NET Confluent Kafka 'librdkafka' native library to load on the runtime.
AggregateMessagesSpecifies whether or not to return the message as a whole string.
CompressionTypeData compression type. Batches of data will be compressed together.
ConnectionLifeTimeThe maximum lifetime of a connection in seconds. Once the time has elapsed, the connection object is disposed.
EnableIdempotenceIf set to true, the Apache Kafka will ensure messages are delivered in the correct, and without duplicates.
GenerateSchemaFilesIndicates the user preference as to when schemas should be generated and saved.
MaximumBatchSizeSpecifies maximum batch size to gather before sending a request.
MaxRowsLimits the number of rows returned rows when no aggregation or group by is used in the query. This helps avoid performance issues at design time.
MessageKeyColumnIf specified, the message key sent to Apache Kafka will be read from this column.
MessageKeyTypeIf MessageKeyColumn is specified, this property must be set to the expected type for the pertinent column.
OffsetResetStrategySpecifies an offset for the consumer group.
OtherThese hidden properties are used only in specific use cases.
PoolIdleTimeoutThe allowed idle time for a connection before it is closed.
PoolMaxSizeThe maximum connections in the pool.
PoolMinSizeThe minimum number of connections in the pool.
PoolWaitTimeThe max seconds to wait for an available connection.
ProduceMetaSpecifies whether or not to send a meta message while producing the outgoing message.
PseudoColumnsThis property indicates whether or not to include pseudo columns as columns to the table.
ReadDurationThe duration which additional messages are allowed.
ReadonlyYou can use this property to enforce read-only access to Apache Kafka from the provider.
RowScanDepthThe maximum number of messages to scan for the columns available in the topic.
RTKThe runtime key used for licensing.
SerializationFormatSpecifies how to serialize/deserialize the incoming or outgoing message.
SupportEnhancedSQLThis property enhances SQL functionality beyond what can be supported through the API directly, by enabling in-memory client-side processing.
TimeoutThe value in seconds until the timeout error is thrown, canceling the operation.
TypeDetectionSchemeComma-separated list of options specifying how the provider will scan the data to determine the fields and datatypes for the bucket.
UseConnectionPoolingThis property enables connection pooling.

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