Tableau Connector for Alfresco

Build 21.0.7930

Tableau Server


Before you start you must have installed a supported Tableau application. This includes Tableau Server 2020.1 or later.

For older versions of Tableau Desktop, please use either the CData ODBC Driver or the JDBC Driver for Alfresco instead.

If a connector has the same class as a connector previously registered, the new one will be rejected.

Install the Connector

Once the prerequisites are satisfied, complete the following:

  1. Run the installer. A JAR file will be automatically placed in the Drivers directory, which is C:\Program Files\Tableau\Drivers by default. This file will need to placed here for the connector to function properly.
  2. Make sure that the license file (.lic) is placed alongside the JAR in the Drivers folder.
  3. Drop the .taco into: <MyTableauServerRootDir>/data/tabsvc/vizqlserver/Connectors. The root directory for that is likely to be ProgramData on the drive Tableau Server is installed on.
  4. Restart the server.
  5. To use an unsigned packaged connector, optionally disable signature verification by setting native_api.disable_verify_connector_plugin_signature to true via TSM.

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Build 21.0.7930