TDV Adapter for Alfresco

Build 21.0.8137

Using the Alfresco Driver

This section documents how the Alfresco Adapter works.

Using Alfresco

The Alfresco driver exposes the alfresco table in order to pass queries to the Alfresco Search SQL API. The driver supports translating most SQL-92 queries into the SQL syntax required by the Alfresco Search SQL API. However, syntax limitations and incompatibilities do exist. A full overview of the capabilities and restrictions of the Search SQL API syntax is maintained in Alfresco documentation, but important syntax requirements and limitations for the API and driver are documented below:

  1. The aggregation functions COUNT(*), SUM(numeric_field), AVG(numeric_field), MAX(numeric_field), and MIN(numeric_field) are supported. The COUNT(specific_field) or COUNT(DISTINCT specific_field) aggregations are unsupported.
  2. HAVING can only be applied to aggregation functions.
  3. LIKE, JOIN, and UNION are unsupported.
  4. Sub-queries are not supported.
  5. The following should be used in place of an IS NULL filter: where cm_content != '*'. The following should be used in place of an IS NOT NULL filter: where cm_content = '*'.
  6. The CMIS Query Language functions IN_TREE, IN_FOLDER, SCORE, and CONTAINS are unsupported.

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