TDV Adapter for IBM Cloud SQL Query

Build 21.0.8137


Sets the level of caching for executed queries.

Possible Values

None, Local, Cloud

Data Type


Default Value



Sets the level of caching for executed queries.

LocalSetting QueryCachingLevel to Local will persist the query Id returned by IBM Cloud SQL Query after a query execution individually for every connection. Closing the connection will clean the cache, so that only a single connection can make use of the results.
CloudSetting QueryCachingLevel to Cloud will attempt to retrieve the latest executed jobs by IBM Cloud SQL Query, and if the query being run matches with one of the recent finished jobs, a job will not be created and the result set will be retrieved directly. If CleanQueryResults is set to true (default false), then the result sets of these recent (cached) jobs will be removed.
NoneSetting QueryCachingLevel to None will disable the feature.

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Build 21.0.8137