Cmdlets for IBM Cloud SQL Query

Build 20.0.7654

PollingInterval Parameter (Connect-IBMCloudSQLQuery Cmdlet)

Specifies the amount of time in seconds that the provider should wait between the job status requests.


Connect-IBMCloudSQLQuery -PollingInterval int


Once a job is initiated server-side, IBM Cloud automatically checks for this job to finish processing. You can use PollingInterval to configure the wait time of the requests that the provider is doing towards the job status.

Note that some queries may be complex and it will take longer for the result to be retrieved, that is why the PollingInterval might be configured to be longer in order not to make so many unnecessary requests. A job is initiated server-side only when the Select query is not a simple "Select * From Table" query but it has at least a criteria or projection in it. The outcome of each job is considered a view as it supports only "Select" operation.

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Build 20.0.7654