CData Python Connector for Greenplum

Build 21.0.7930

CData Python Connector for Greenplum


The CData Python Connector for Greenplum allows developers to write Python scripts with connectivity to Greenplum. The connector wraps the complexity of accessing Greenplum data in an interface commonly used by python connectors to common database systems.

Key Features

  • A variety of WHL and TAR.GZ files that accommodate several execution environments after installation with "pip install".
  • Supported for Python versions 3.6, 3.7, 3.8, and 3.9, within both Windows and Linux environments. Python 3.8 distributions on Mac are also supported.
  • Write and execute SQL queries to fetch and update data in Greenplum.
  • Custom dialect class that enables SQLAlchemy ORM to use this connector.

Getting Started

See Getting Started to install the connector to your python distribution and to create a basic connection to Greenplum.

Advanced Features

Advanced Features details additional features supported by the provider, such as , ssl configuration, remoting, firewall/proxy settings, and advanced logging.

Using the Python Connector

See Using the Connector for examples of executing basic SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, and EXECUTE queries with the module's provided classes. See Using from Tools to connect Greenplum data to tools such as Pandas or Petl.

SQLAlchemy ORM

SQLAlchemy can be leveraged to model the tables in Greenplum with mapped classes. See From SQLAlchemy for instructions for configuring the Python connector with SQLAlchemy.


Pandas' DataFrames can be used alongside the connector to generate analytical graphics. See From Pandas for a guide.

Schema Discovery

See Schema Discovery to query the provided system tables, which allows users to discover the available tables, views, and stored procedure, alongside additional information about their columns or parameters.

Connection String Options

The Connection properties describe the various options that can be used to establish a connection.

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Build 21.0.7930