ODBC Driver for Greenplum

Build 21.0.7930

Updating Data

The following code examples show how to use data modification statements.

Procedure for Updates

You can use odbc_exec to execute data modification statements. This will return a resource which contains the number of affected rows.


To insert updates:

$result = odbc_exec($cnx, "INSERT INTO \"template1\".\"public\".Orders(ShipCity) VALUES ('New York')");
$affected = odbc_num_rows($result);


To retrieve updates:

$result = odbc_exec($cnx, "UPDATE \"template1\".\"public\".Orders SET ShipCity = 'New York' WHERE ShipCountry = 'USA'");
$affected = odbc_num_rows($result);


To delete updates:

$result = odbc_exec($cnx, "DELETE FROM \"template1\".\"public\".Orders WHERE Id = '10261'");
$affected = odbc_num_rows($result);

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Build 21.0.7930