ODBC Driver for Greenplum

Build 21.0.7930

Updating Data

The following code examples show how to use data modification statements.

Procedure for Updates

You can use Exec to execute data modification statements. Exec returns a Result value which contains the number of affected rows.


To insert updates:

result, _ := db.Exec("INSERT INTO \"template1\".\"public\".Orders(ShipCity) VALUES ('New York')")
affected, _ := result.RowsAffected()


To retrieve updates:

result, _ := db.Exec("UPDATE \"template1\".\"public\".Orders SET ShipCity = 'New York' WHERE ShipName = 'USA'")
affected, _ := result.RowsAffected()


To delete updates:

result, _ := db.Exec("DELETE FROM \"template1\".\"public\".Orders WHERE Id = '10261'")
affected, _ := result.RowsAffected()

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Build 21.0.7930