Cmdlets for SFTP

Build 21.0.7930

SSHAuthMode Parameter (Connect-SFTP Cmdlet)

The authentication method to be used to log on to an SFTP server.


Connect-SFTP -SSHAuthMode string

Possible Values

None, MultiFactor, Password, PublicKey

Data Type


Default Value



  • None: No authentication will be performed. The current User value is ignored, and the connection will be logged in as anonymous.
  • MultiFactor: This allows the cmdlet to attempt a multistep authentication process. The cmdlet will send authentication data to the server based on the list of methods allowed for the current user and the authentication property values supplied. The cmdlet will continue to send authentication data until the server acknowledges authentication success. If the server rejects an authentication step, the cmdlet throws an exception.
  • Password: The cmdlet will use the values of User and Password to authenticate the user.
  • PublicKey: The cmdlet will use the values of User and SSHClientCert to authenticate the user. SSHClientCert must have a private key available for this authentication method to succeed.

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Build 21.0.7930