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Create, update, delete and query tags from your Evernote account.

Table Specific Information


Select all tags:


Retrieve a specific tag:

SELECT * FROM Tags WHERE Guid='34e1df69-30b1-4215-8b0b-5d4af68d6805'

Retrieve all tags applied to a specific notebook:

SELECT * FROM Tags WHERE NoteBookGuid='9c3fe790-5958-4bbf-a1de-b1ce3c8d2659'


To create a tag, you will need to specify at least the Name column.

INSERT INTO Tags(Name,ParentGuid) VALUES ('OOP','34e1df69-30b1-4215-8b0b-5d4af68d6805')


Tags may be modified by providing the GUID of the tag and issuing an UPDATE statement.

UPDATE Tags SET Name='C#', ParentGuid='94d4f57d-1a16-4750-8f1e-0bffbe12d8ce' WHERE Guid='0eac515e-ae91-4c6a-b26d-558d2db99487'


Tags may be deleted by providing the GUID of the tag and issuing a DELETE statement.

DELETE FROM Tags WHERE Guid='0eac515e-ae91-4c6a-b26d-558d2db99487'


Name Type ReadOnly Description
Guid [KEY] String True

The unique identifier of this tag. Will be set by the service, so may be omitted by the client when creating the Tag.

Name String False

A sequence of characters representing the tag's identifier. Case is preserved, but is ignored for comparisons. This means that an account may only have one tag with a given name, via case-insensitive comparison, so an account may not have both 'food' and 'Food' tags. May not contain a comma (','), and may not begin or end with a space.

ParentGuid String False

If this is set, then this is the GUID of the tag that holds this tag within the tag organizational hierarchy. If this is not set, then the tag has no parent and it is a 'top level' tag. Cycles are not allowed and will be rejected by the service.

UpdateSequenceNum Int True

A number identifying the last transaction to modify the state of this object. The USN values are sequential within an account, and can be used to compare the order of modifications within the service.


SELECT ステートメントのWHERE 句では、疑似カラムフィールドを使用して、データソースから返されるタプルを詳細に制御することができます。

Name Type Description
NotebookGuid String

Returns all the tags that are applied to at least one note within the provided notebook.

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