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Query note share invitations from your Evernote account.

Table Specific Information


Select all share invitations for every note in your account:

SELECT * FROM NoteShareInvitations


Name Type Description
RecipientIdentityId Int The identity ID of the recipient of the share. For a given note, there may be only one SharedNote per recipient identity.
RecipientIdentityUserId Int The Evernote User id that is connected to the Contact. May be unset if this identity has not yet been claimed, or the caller is not connected to this identity.
RecipientIdentityDeactivated Bool Indicates that the contact for this identity is no longer active.
RecipientIdentitySameBusiness Bool Does this Identity belong to someone who is in the same business as the caller?
RecipientIdentityBlocked Bool Has the caller blocked the Evernote user this Identity represents?
RecipientIdentityUserConnected Bool Indicates that the caller is 'connected' to the user of this identity via this identity.
RecipientIdentityEventId Long A server-assigned sequence number for the events in the messages subsystem.
RecipientContactName String The displayable name of this contact. This field is filled in by the service and is read-only to clients.
RecipientContactId String A unique identifier for this ContactType.
RecipientContactType String What service does this contact come from?
RecipientContactPhotoUrl String A URL of a profile photo representing this Contact. This field is filled in by the service and is read-only to clients.
RecipientContactPhotoLastUpdated Datetime The datetime when the profile photo was last updated.
RecipientContactMessagingPermit String This field will only be filled by the service when it is giving a Contact record to a client, and that client does not normally have enough permission to send a new message to the person represented through this Contact.
RecipientContactMessagingPermitExpires Datetime If this field is set, then this (whole) Contact record may be used in calls to sendMessage until this time.
SharerUserID Int The user ID of the user who shared the note with the recipient.
NoteGuid String The unique identifier of this note.
Privilege String The privilege level that the share grants to the recipient.
Created Datetime The time at which the share was created.
Updated Datetime The time at which the share was last updated.
Assigned Datetime The time at which the share was assigned to a specific recipient user ID.

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Build 21.0.7867