Power BI Connector for Evernote

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Query information regarding the current authenticated Evernote user.

Stored Procedure Specific Information


Retrieves information about the user corresponding to the provided authentication token. The level of detail depends on the access level granted by the token, so a web service client may receive fewer fields than an integrated desktop client.
Execute GetCurrentUser

Result Set Columns

Name Type Description
Id Int The unique numeric identifier for the account, which will not change for the lifetime of the account.
Username String The name that uniquely identifies a single user account.
Email String The email address registered for the user.
Name String The printable name of the user, which may be a combination of given and family names.
Timezone String The zone ID for the user's default location.
Privilege String The permission level for the user.
ServiceLevel String The level of service the user currently receives.
Created Datetime The date and time when this user account was created in the service.
Updated Datetime The date and time when this user account was last modified in the service.
Deleted Datetime If the account has been deleted from the system (e.g. as the result of a legal request by the user), the date and time of the deletion will be represented here.
Active Bool If the user account is available for login and synchronization, this flag will be set to true.
Attributes String If present, this will contain a JSON structure with all of the attributes for this user account.
Joined Datetime If it is a business user, this column will show the time when the user joined the business.
UploadLimitEnd Datetime The date and time when the current upload limit expires.
UploadLimitNextMonth Long When uploadLimitEnd is reached, the service will change uploadLimit to uploadLimitNextMonth.
PremiumServiceStatus String Indicates the phases of a premium account during the billing process.
PremiumOrderNumber String The order number used by the commerce system to process recurring payments
PremiumCommerceService String The commerce system used (PayPal, Google Checkout, etc)
PremiumServiceStart Datetime The start date when this premium promotion began (this number will get overwritten if a premium service is canceled and then re-activated).
PremiumServiceSKU String The code associated with the purchase eg. monthly or annual purchase.
LastSuccessfulCharge Datetime Date the last time the user was charged.
LastFailedCharge Datetime Date the last time a charge was attempted and failed.
LastFailedChargeReason String Reason provided for the charge failure.
NextPaymentDue Datetime The end of the billing cycle. This could be in the past if there are failed charges.
PremiumLockUntil Datetime An internal variable to manage locking operations on the commerce variables.
AccountingUpdated Datetime The date any modification where made to the bookkeeping information for the user's subscription.
PremiumSubscriptionNumber String The number number identifying the recurring subscription used to make the recurring charges.
LastRequestedCharge Datetime Date charge last attempted.
Currency String ISO 4217 currency code.
UnitPrice Int Charge in the smallest unit of the currency (e.g. cents for USD)
UnitDiscount Int Discount per seat in negative amount and smallest unit of the currency (e.g. cents for USD)
NextChargeDate Datetime The next time the user will be charged, may or may not be the same as nextPaymentDue
AvailablePoints Int The number of Evernote points that are available for this User.
BusinessId Int The ID of the Evernote Business account that the user is a member of.
BusinessName String The name of the Evernote Business account that the user is a member of.
BusinessUserRole String The role of the user within the Evernote Business account that they are a member of.
BusinessUserEmail String An e-mail address that will be used by the service in the context of your Evernote Business activities.
BusinessUserUpdated Datetime Last time the business user or business user attributes were updated.
PhotoUrl String The URL of the photo that represents this User.
PhotoLastUpdated Datetime The time at which the photo at 'photoUrl' was last updated by this User.
UserMailLimitDaily Int The number of emails of any type that can be sent by a user from the service per day. If an email is sent to two different recipients, this counts as two emails.
NoteSizeMax Long Maximum total size of a Note that can be added. The size of a note is calculated as: ENML content length (in Unicode characters) plus the sum of all resource sizes (in bytes).
ResourceSizeMax Long Maximum size of a resource, in bytes
UserLinkedNotebookMax Int Maximum number of linked notebooks per account.
UploadLimit Long The number of bytes that can be uploaded to the account in the current month. For new notes that are created, this is the length of the note content (in Unicode characters) plus the size of each resource (in bytes). For edited notes, this is the the difference between the old length and the new length (if this is greater than 0) plus the size of each new resource.
UserNoteCountMax Int Maximum number of Notes per user.
UserNotebookCountMax Int Maximum number of Notebooks per user.
UserTagCountMax Int Maximum number of Tags per account.
NoteTagCountMax Int Maximum number of Tags per Note.
UserSavedSearchesMax Int Maximum number of SavedSearches per account.
NoteResourceCountMax Int The maximum number of Resources per Note.

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Build 21.0.7867