Power BI Connector for Evernote

Build 21.0.7867

OAuth 認証の使用

OAuth requires the authenticating user to interact with Evernote using the browser. The 本製品 facilitates this in various ways as described below.

Important Note: If you are going to switch from the production environment to sandbox or vice versa using the connection property UseSandbox, you must delete the file located in the OAuthSettingsLocation. This operation should be done because in this file is also stored the URL where we make the request to the Evernote API.

Custom Credentials

You will need to register an app to obtain the OAuthClientId and OAuthClientSecret.

Headless Machines

In the headless OAuth flow, users need to authenticate via a browser on another machine. You will need to create a custom OAuth app.

Creating a Custom OAuth App

See カスタムOAuth アプリの作成 for a procedure.

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Build 21.0.7867