SSIS Components for DataRobot

Build 21.0.7930


This section provides a complete list of the Predictions properties you can configure in the connection settings for this provider.

ProjectIDThe project ID you wish to connect to.
ModelIdThe Id of the specific model you wish to use for Predictions.
DataRobotKeyYour DataRobotKey used for the predictions API. DataRobot users with an Enterprise Predictions instance do not need to supply this.
PredictionInstanceThe URL of the dedicated prediction instance you will to connect to. Required for making calls to the Predictions API.
DataFileYour data file to submit to the Predictions API. CSV formatted. Per the Predictions API guidelines, file size must be below 50MB.
ApiURLThe base URL for API calls to DataRobot. This might be different than your PredictionInstance .
RowScanDepthThe number of rows the driver will scan in order to determine the datatypes of columns in the CSV file for predictions.
PageSizeThe integer page size for paging through predictions results from Predictions API. Defaults to 1000.
ExposeStarredModelsDetermines whether starred models will be dynamically exposed if ProjectID is specified. Default value is False.
DataFileEncodingThe encoding of the datafile that you have specified. For most users, the default value of UTF-8 should be appropriate.

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Build 21.0.7930