CData Python Connector for DataRobot

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Datarobot Predictions for a specific project

Table Specific Information

The Predictions table will only be exposed if both the ProjectID and ModelId connection properties are specified. Queries to Predictions will submit the csv data contained in the DataFile to DataRobot for predictions, and join returned predictions with the submitted csv data client side. A ProjectId and ModelId must be specified in the driver's connection properties or in the query's WHERE clause to query Predictions. A Project Id or Model Id specified in the WHERE clause of a query will take precedence over a property specified in the driver's connection properties.

SELECT race, gender, age, [predictionValues.0.value], [predictionValues.1.value] FROM Predictions WHERE ModelId = '123456789' AND ProjectId='abcdefghi'

Depending on the type of project and model, your Predictions schema may be different than what is below.


Name Type Description
rowId Int
predictionThreshold Float
prediction Float
predictionValues.0.value Float
predictionValues.0.label Int
predictionValues.1.value Float
predictionValues.1.label Int

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Build 21.0.7930