ODBC Driver for Bugzilla

Build 23.0.8839


Get information on the components of a product.

Querying 'SELECT * FROM ProductComponents' could be slow because it retrieves all ProductIDs and then makes separate calls for each of them to get the ProductComponents. In that case use 'IN' filtering for better performance.


Name Type Description
Id [KEY] Int An integer ID uniquely identifying the component in this installation only.
Name String The name of the component. This is a unique identifier for this component.
Description String A description of the component, which may contain HTML.
DefaulAssignedTo String The login name of the user to whom new bugs will be assigned by default.
DefaultQAContact String The login name of the user who will be set as the QA Contact for new bugs by default. Empty string if the QA contact is not defined.
SortKey Int Components, when displayed in a list, are sorted first by this integer and then secondly by their name.
IsActive Boolean A boolean indicating if the component is active. Inactive components are not enabled for new bugs.
ProductId Int The ID of the product this component belongs to.
ProductName String The name of the product this component belongs to.

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Build 23.0.8839