ODBC Driver for Bugzilla

Build 23.0.8839


Get information about valid bug fields.


Name Type Description
Id [KEY] Int An integer ID uniquely identifying this field in this installation only.
Name String The internal name of this field. This is a unique identifier for this field. If this is not a custom field, then this name will be the same across all Bugzilla installations.
DisplayName String The name of the field, as it is shown in the user interface.
Type Int The number of the fieldtype. The following values are defined: '0' - Field type unknown, '1' - Single-line string field, '2' - Single value field, '3' - Multiple value field, '4' - Multi-line text value, '5' - Date field with time, '6' - Bug ID field, '7' - See Also field, '8' - Keywords field, '9' - Date field, '10' - Integer field
IsCustom Boolean 'true' when this is a custom field, 'false' otherwise.
IsMandatory Boolean 'true' if the field must have a value when filing new bugs. Also, mandatory fields cannot have their value cleared when updating bugs.
IsOnBugEntry Boolean For custom fields, this is 'true' if the field is shown when you enter a new bug. For standard fields, this is currently always 'false', even if the field shows up when entering a bug.
VisibilityField String The name of a field that controls the visibility of this field in the user interface. This field only appears in the user interface when the named field is equal to one of the values is VisibilityValues. Can be null.
ValueField String The name of the field that controls whether or not particular values of the field are shown in the user interface. Can be null.
VisibilityValues String This field is only shown when visibility_field matches one of these string values. When VisibilityField is null, then this is an empty array.
Values String The legal values for select-type (drop-down and multiple-selection) fields. This is also populated for the Component, Version, TargetMilestone, and Keywords fields, but not for the Product field.

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Build 23.0.8839