JDBC Driver for SAP ERP

Build 23.0.8839

Accessing SAP Entities

The number of entities in an SAP system can make it difficult to work with when all the entities are surfaced at the same time. The following sections provide an overview of how to choose the SAP entities you want to work with.

See Provider Schema for more information on working with SAP entities.

Filtering SAP Entities

The following connection properties provide basic functionality to select the entities you need:

  • TableMode: Filters tables from the DD02L system table in SAP.
  • QueryMode: Filters queries by your SAP workspace.
  • StoredProcedureFilter: Filters SAP function modules, which are modeled as stored procedures.
Users who need more control over SAP entities can use schema files; saving schemas to a file provides an easy way to include or exclude schemas individually: The Location folder contains the entities you want to surface. Set the GenerateSchemaFiles connection property along with Location to generate schema files at run time.

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Build 23.0.8839