TDV Adapter for SAP ERP

Build 21.0.8137

Basic Tab

Connecting to SAP ERP

Set Host, User, Password, Client, and SystemNumber. Additionally, set Language to the ISO 639-1 language code you use to log into SAP ERP. The default is "EN".

To connect to a machine different from the Host machine, set GatewayHost. The GatewayService property indicates the service on the machine; by default this is HTTP.

To connect to a distributed system or systems with other configurations, see Fine-Tuning Data Access.

Connecting with the RFC APIs

The SAP ERP Adapter uses the SAP RFC interface to connect to an SAP system. The ConnectionType specifies the RFC API you want to use to connect.

You will also need to obtain the SAP libraries corresponding to your RFC API; see Using the RFC SDK for more information.

Certificate Authentication

In addition to User and Password, the SAP ERP Adapter also supports certificate authentication. To use certificate authentication, set the X509Certificate connection property to either point to a file that contains an X509 certificate in PEM format, or the PEM blob directly used for authentication during SAP Logon. In addition to setting X509Certificate, you will need to specify the appropriate SNC connection properties. The SNC connection properties are described under Fine-Tuning Data Access.

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Build 21.0.8137