TDV Adapter for SAP ERP

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Determines which SAP tables will be displayed as views if any.

Possible Values

TransparentApplication, TransparentCustomer, TransparentSystem, Pooled, Cluster, All, None

Data Type


Default Value



There are many tables in SAP that could potentially be displayed. The TableMode property enables you to specify which tables are important to you. The list of tables is retrieved from the DD02L system table, with each mode acting as a different filter on a set of transparent tables. Transparent tables contain your business and application data.

TransparentApplication TABCLASS = 'TRANSP' AND CONTFLAG = 'A'Master and transaction data.
TransparentCustomer TABCLASS = 'TRANSP' AND ( CONTFLAG = 'C' OR CONTFLAG = 'G' )Data maintained by the customer only
TransparentSystem TABCLASS = 'TRANSP' AND ( CONTFLAG = 'E' OR CONTFLAG = 'S' OR CONTFLAG = 'W' )Customer namespaces, program status changes, development environment tables, etc.
Pooled TABCLASS = 'POOL'All pooled tables.
Cluster TABCLASS = 'CLUSTER'All cluster tables such as BSEG and KONV.
All All tables regardless of type. Warning: This will cause a massive amount of tables to be retrieved and may result in a noticable delay in table listing.
None No filter. No SAP tables are displayed. This may be useful if you intend to use schema files instead or SAP queries.

Alternatively you can specify your own filter if the tables you want to work with are not available in these examples.

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Build 21.0.8137