ODBC Driver for CSV

Build 20.0.7654

Include Files







Comma-separated list of file extensions to include into the set of the files modeled as tables. For example, IncludeFiles=TXT,TAB. The default is CSV, TAB, and TXT.

A 'NOEXT' value can be specified to include files without an extension.

The following archive types are also supported (currently only when AggregateFiles is true): ZIP, TAR, and GZ.

When archive files are found, they will be downloaded to the local machine so the 本製品 can extract and parse the contained files. Note: Files contained within an archive must match an extension listed in IncludeFiles to be included in the set of files modeled as tables.

File masks can be specified using an asterisk (*) to provide enhanced filtering capabilities; e.g. IncludeFiles=2020*.csv,TXT.

Files specified in Schema.ini are honored in addition to the files included by this property.

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Build 20.0.7654