ODBC Driver for SQL Server

Build 21.0.7958

Data Type Mapping

Data Type Mappings

The driver maps types from the data source to the corresponding data type available in the schema. The table below documents these mappings.

SQL Server CData Schema
bigint long
bigint identity long
binary binary
bit bool
char string
date date
datetime datetime
datetimeoffset datetime
datetime2 datetime
decimal decimal
decimal identity decimal
float float
geography binary
geometry binary
hierarchyid binary
image binary
int int
int identity int
money decimal
nchar string
ntext string
nvarchar string
numeric decimal
numeric identity decimal
real float
rowversion binary
smalldatetime datetime
smallint short
smallint identity short
smallmoney decimal
sql_variant binary
table string
text string
time time
timestamp binary
tinyint byte
tinyint identity byte
uniqueidentifier string
varbinary binary
varchar string
xml string

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Build 21.0.7958