FireDAC Components for Twitter

Build 23.0.8839


Run a geo-search against the Twitter service.


Name Type Description
Latitude String The latitude to search around. This parameter will be ignored unless it is inside the range -90.0 to 90.0 inclusive. (North is positive.) It will also be ignored if there is not a corresponding Longitude input.
Longitude String The longitude to search around. The valid ranges for longitude are -180.0 to 180.0 inclusive. (East is positive). This parameter will be ignored if it is outside that range, if it is not a number, if Geo_Enabled is disabled, or if there not a corresponding Latitude input.
IP String An IP address. Used when attempting to fix geo-location based off of the user.
Accuracy String A hint on the region in which to search. If a number, then this is a radius in meters, but it can also take a string that is suffixed with ft to specify feet. If this is not passed in, then it is assumed to be 0m.
ContainedWithin String The place Id that you would like to restrict the search results to. Setting this value means only places within the given place Id will be found.
Granularity String The minimal granularity of place types to return. Valid values are poi, neighborhood, city, admin, or country. If no granularity is provided for the request, neighborhood is assumed. Setting this to city, for example, will find places that have a type of city, admin, or country.
MaxResults String A hint as to the number of results to return. This does not guarantee that the number of results returned will equal MaxResults, but instead informs how many nearby results to return.
Query String Free-form text to match against while executing a geo-based query. This parameter is best suited for finding nearby locations by name. Note that the query must be URL encoded.

Result Set Columns

Name Type Description
Id String The place Id.
Name String Name of the place.
Country String The country name where the coordinates are located.
CountryCode String The code for the country.
FullName String Full name of the place.
Latitude String The latitude of the place.
Longitude String The longitude of the place.
PlaceType String The type of place (city, neighborhood, etc.)

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Build 23.0.8839