SSIS Components for Microsoft SharePoint

Build 23.0.8839


Query the available users on your sharepoint site.

Table Specific Information


SELECT * FROM Users // Fetch all the Users
SELECT * FROM Users WHERE GroupId = 5 // Fetch a user for a particular Group


Name Type References Description
AadObjectId_NameId String
AadObjectId_NameIdIssuer String
Email String
Expiration String
IsEmailAuthenticationGuestUser Bool
IsShareByEmailGuestUser Bool
IsSiteAdmin Bool
UserId_NameId String
UserId_NameIdIssuer String
UserPrincipalName String
LinkedAlerts String
LinkedGroups String
LoginName String The login name of the user.
Title String The Title of the user.
IsHiddenInUI Boolean A boolean indicating if the user is hidden in UI.
GroupId Int The group id the user is added to.

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Build 23.0.8839