TDV Adapter for Microsoft SharePoint

Build 22.0.8462


Lists the available lists in SharePoint.

Table Specific Information

Lists can be used to list the tables in SharePoint. This will only return actual lists in SharePoint and not any special tables associated with the adapter.

The following columns can be used in the WHERE clause: Title and BaseTemplate.


Name Type Description
ID [KEY] String The Id of the list.
Title String The title of the list. This column may be used in the WHERE clause and may be used with a wild card (*) character.
Description String A description for the list.
BaseTemplate String Indicates the type of template used to create the list. This column may be used in the WHERE clause.
Version Double The version of the list.
Url String The default URL of the list.
EmailAlias String The email alias of the list.
ImageUrl String The image URL of the list.
ItemCount Integer The number of items in the list.
Item_Deleted Datetime The last time an item was deleted from this list.
Item_Modified Datetime The last time an item was modified from this list.
SendToUrl String The send-to URL of the list.
Created Datetime The time when the list was created.
AllowDeletion String Whether items can be deleted.
AllowMultiResponses Boolean Boolean indicating if multiple responses are enabled for the survey.
Direction String A string that contains LTR if the reading order is left-to-right, RTL if it is right-to-left, or None.
EnableAssignedToEmail Boolean Boolean indicating if assigned-to emails are enabled. Only applies to issues lists.
EnableAttachments Boolean Boolean indicating if attachments may be added to items in the list. Does not apply to document libraries.
EnableModeration Boolean Boolean indicating if content approval is enabled for the list.
EnableVersioning Boolean Boolean indicating if versioning is enabled for the list.
Hidden Boolean Boolean indicating if the list is hidden so that it does not appear on the Documents and Lists page, Quick Launch bar, Modify Site Content page, or Add Column page as an option for lookup fields.
MultipleDataList Boolean Boolean indicating if a meeting-workspace site contains data for multiple meeting instances within the site.
Ordered Boolean Boolean indicating if items in the list can be sorted on the Edit View page.
Showuser Boolean Boolean indicating if the names of users are shown in the results of the survey.

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Build 22.0.8462