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Creating a Custom AzureAD App

When to Create a Custom OAuth App

CData embeds OAuth Application Credentials with CData branding that can be used when connecting via either a Desktop Application or from a Headless Machine. Creating a custom OAuth application is, however, required when using a web application.

You may choose to create your own OAuth Application Credentials when you want to

  • control branding of the Authentication Dialog
  • control the redirect URI that the application redirects the user to after the user authenticates
  • customize the permissions that you are requesting from the user

Creating a Custom OAuth App

Follow the steps below to obtain OAuth values for your app, the OAuthClientId and OAuthClientSecret.

  1. Log in to the Azure Portal.
  2. In the left-hand navigation pane, select Azure Active Directory > App Registrations and click Add.
  3. Enter an application name and select Any Azure AD Directory - Multi Tenant. Then set the redirect url to http://localhost:33333, the adapter's default. Or, set a different port of your choice and set CallbackURL to the exact reply URL you defined.
  4. After creating the app, navigate to the "Certificates & Secrets" section, create a client secret for the application, and select a duration.
  5. After you save the key, key value is displayed once. Set OAuthClientSecret to the displayed value. Set OAuthClientId to the Application Id.
  6. Select API Permissions and click Add. when selecting permissions, use the Delegated permissions.
  7. In the API Permissions section, click on Add a permission and select Sharepoint. And choose the permissions you want your app to have. To view and edit lists you have to select at least the permission, AllSites.Manage.
  8. Save your changes.
  9. If you have selected to use permissions that require admin consent, you can grant them from the current tenant on the API Permissions page. Otherwise, follow the steps under "OAuth: Admin Consent" in Establishing a Connection.

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