TDV Adapter for Microsoft SharePoint

Build 22.0.8462


Copies a document from the SharePoint library.

Note: This procedure makes use of indexed parameters. These input parameters are denoted with a '#' character at the end of their names.

Indexed parameters facilitate providing multiple instances a single parameter as inputs for the procedure.

Suppose there is an input parameter named Param#. Input multiple instances of an indexed parameter like this:

EXEC ProcedureName Param#1 = "value1", Param#2 = "value2", Param#3 = "value3"


Name Type Description
DocumentName String The name of the document in the document library to be copied.
DocumentLibrary String The name of the document library the document is currently stored on.
NewDocumentLibrary String The name of the document library the document is being copied to.
NewDocumentName String The new name of the document once it has been copied. If left blank, this will be the same as the DocumentName.
MetadataName# String The name of a metadata field to be set for the document.
ReturnID String The return ID of the document.

Result Set Columns

Name Type Description
Result String Boolean value indicating whether the operation was successful.
_dlc_DocId String The document ID.
_dlc_DocIdUrl String The URL of the document ID.
Vti_author String The creator of the document.
Vti_etag String The e-tag of the document.
ID String The ID of the document.
FileRef String The file reference of the document.

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Build 22.0.8462