TDV Adapter for Microsoft SharePoint

Build 22.0.8462


Download a document from the SharePoint library.

Stored Procedure Specific Information


RemoteFile can be both relative to the library, or it can be the full URL of the file. Below are some examples:

EXECUTE DownloadDocument File = 'C:/Users/User/Desktop/DownloadedFile.txt', Library = 'Shared Documents', RemoteFile = ' Documents/newFolder/FileToDownload.txt';

EXECUTE DownloadDocument File = 'C:/Users/User/Desktop/DownloadedFile.txt', Library = 'Shared Documents', RemoteFile = '/newFolder/FileToDownload.txt';


Name Type Accepts Output Streams Description
File String False The path of the file to be saved. You should include the new filename. For example, 'C:/Users/User/Desktop/DownloadedFile.txt'.
Library String False The name of the library on the SharePoint server. For example, 'Shared Documents'.
RemoteFile String False This can be either the relative path to the library or the full URL of the file.
Encoding String False The data will be output to FileData in the specified encoding.

The allowed values are NONE, BASE64.

The default value is BASE64.

FileStream String True OutputStream to write the downloaded document. Only returned if File is not set.
ReadTimeout String False How many seconds the download may run. If given the download always fails if it runs longer than this, unlike Timeout which only triggers if the download stalls.

Result Set Columns

Name Type Description
Result String Boolean value indicating whether the operation was successful.
FileData String The downloaded file content. Only returned if File and FileStream is not set.

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Build 22.0.8462