TDV Adapter for Microsoft SharePoint

Build 22.0.8462

Fine-Tuning Data Access

Fine Tuning the SharePoint Connection

To make it easier to access data in advanced integrations, use the following connection properties to control column name identifiers and other aspects of data access:

  • UseDisplayNames: Set this to true to return column names that match field names in the underlying API
    . By default, the adapter uses column names that match the field names defined in SharePoint.
  • UseSimpleNames: Set this to true to perform substitutions on special characters in column names that SharePoint allows but that many databases typically do not.
  • ShowPredefinedColumns: Set this to false to exclude fields derived from fields in the list; for example, Author and CreatedAt
    . This setting excludes the predefined fields from being returned in SELECT * statements and schema discovery.
  • ShowHiddenColumns: When true, columns marked as hidden in SharePoint will be displayed by the adapter.

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Build 22.0.8462