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Get Web Role definition binding.

Table Specific Information


Note: PrincipalId is required to return RoleDefinitionBindings.

SELECT * FROM RoleDefinitionBindings WHERE PrincipalId = 3
SELECT * FROM RoleDefinitionBindings WHERE List = 'TestApp' and PrincipalId = 3
SELECT * FROM RoleDefinitionBindings WHERE PrincipalId=5 and list='KatsunariMatsumoto' and ItemId='3'


Name Type References Description
ID [KEY] String The ID of the role assigned member.
BasePermissions_High Int64 The base permissions high.
BasePermissions_Low Int64 The base permissions low.
Description String The description.
Hidden Boolean A boolean indicating if it is hidden.
Name String The name.
Order Int The order.
RoleTypeKind Int The role type kind.
PrincipalId String


The Principal Id.
List String


The internal name of the list to retrieve role assigned member from.
ItemId String List item id for role defintion.

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Build 21.0.8136