Power BI Connector for SharePoint

Build 21.0.8136


Follow the steps below to authenticate with the credentials for a custom OAuth app. See カスタムOAuth アプリの作成.

Authentication with Your OAuth App

There SharePoint data source only supports authentication using a certificate for the Azure Service Principal authentication scheme.

Get an OAuth Access Token

You are ready to connect after setting the below connection properties . Authenticating using a Certificate

  • AuthScheme: Set this to the "AzureServicePrincipal" in your app settings.
  • InitiateOAuth: Set this to GETANDREFRESH. You can use InitiateOAuth to avoid repeating the OAuth exchange and manually setting the OAuthAccessToken.
  • AzureTenant: Set this to the tenant you wish to connect to.
  • OAuthClientId: Set this to the Client Id in your app settings.
  • OAuthJWTCert: Set this to the JWT Certificate store.
  • OAuthJWTCertType: Set this to the type of the certificate store specified by OAuthJWTCert.

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Build 21.0.8136