JDBC Driver for SharePoint

Build 20.0.7655

Auth Scheme

The scheme used for authenticating to SharePoint. For On-Premise instances, accepted entries are NTLM, Basic, Digest, Forms, None, and Negotiate. NTLM is the default. For Sharepoint Online, the only accepted entry is OAuth.

Data Type


Default Value



If authenticating to Sharepoint On-Premise instance, together with Password and User, this field is used to authenticate against the server. NTLM is the default option. Use the following options to select your authentication scheme:

  • NTLM: Set this to use your Windows credentials for authentication.
  • Negotiate: If AuthScheme is set to Negotiate, the driver will Negotiate an authentication mechanism with the server. Set AuthScheme to Negotiate if you want to use Kerberos authentication.
  • None: Set this to use anonymous authentication; for example, to access a public site.
  • Forms: Set this if your SharePoint instance uses a custom authentication method through a Web form.
  • Digest: Set this to use HTTP Digest authentication.
  • Basic: Set this to use HTTP Basic authentication.
  • AzureMSI: Set this to automatically obtain Managed Service Identity credentials when running on an Azure VM.
  • AzureAD: Set this to perform Azure Active Directory OAuth authentication.

If authenticating to Sharepoint Online, set AuthScheme to OAuth.

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Build 20.0.7655