ODBC Driver for QuickBooks

Build 23.0.8843


Query the QuickBooks host process. The Host represents information about the QuickBooks process currently being executed.


Name Type References Description
ProductName [KEY] String The name of the QuickBooks version being used.
MajorVersion String The major version of QuickBooks.
MinorVersion String The minor version of QuickBooks.
Country String Country the QuickBooks edition was designed for.
SupportedQBXMLVersion String A comma separated list of QBXML versions supported by the version of QuickBooks.
IsAutomaticLogin Boolean A boolean indicating if the currently running .exe for QuickBooks is using automatic login. If true, this means that the QuickBooks UI is currently closed and the QuickBooks .exe was launched in the background to interact with the company file.
QBFileMode String The company file mode currently in use. For instance, SingleUser or MultiUser.

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Build 23.0.8843