ODBC Driver for QuickBooks

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Create, update, delete, and query QuickBooks Currencies. This table requires QBXML version 8.0 or higher, and you will need to enable multiple Currencies in your QuickBooks company file to use it.


Name Type ReadOnly References ColumnSize Description
ID [KEY] String True 255

The Id of the currency.

Name String False 64

The name of the currency.

IsActive Boolean False

Boolean indicating if the currency is active.

CurrencyCode String False 3

A maximum of 3 characters describing the code for the currency. For example: USD.

CurrencyFormat_ThousandSeparator String False 10

The separating character for thousands. For example, in 1,000,000 the comma is the separator.

使用できる値は次のとおりです。Comma, Period, Space, Apostrophe


CurrencyFormat_ThousandSeparatorGrouping String False 50

Controls how the display of the currency value is grouped. For example, 10,000,000 is XX_XXX_XXX, but could be replaced by X_XX_XX_XXX.

CurrencyFormat_DecimalPlaces String False 50

Controls the display of the decimal value. For example, in 1.00 the value would be 2. You can change to 0 if you do not want decimals to be displayed.


CurrencyFormat_DecimalSeparator String False 6

Controls the character used to separate decimal values from whole numbers. For example, in 1.00 the value is Period.

使用できる値は次のとおりです。Comma, Period


IsUserDefinedCurrency Boolean True

Indicates whether the currency is a built-in currency or a currency created by a QuickBooks user.

ExchangeRate Double True

The market price for which the currency can be exchanged for the currency used by the QuickBooks company file as the home currency. The exchange rate should be considered a snapshot of the rates in effect at the AsOfDate.

AsOfDate Date True

The date when the exchange rate was last changed.

EditSequence String True 16

A string indicating the revision of the currency.

TimeCreated Datetime True

The time the currency was created.

TimeModified Datetime True

The time the currency was last modified.

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Build 23.0.8843