ODBC Driver for QuickBooks

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A boolean indicating if you wish to connect directly to QuickBooks.






QuickBooks 2022 and up is available as both a 32-bit and 64-bit process, so you just need to ensure you are connecting with a process of the same bitness under the same user account and permissions as the QuickBooks process.

Versions of QuickBooks prior to 2022 were only offered as a 32-bit process. A direct connection to these versions of QuickBooks requires you to connect from a 32-bit application. This is only recommended for application developers or users who have a better understanding of the QuickBooks connection process. It is recommended to always set CompanyFile when using ConnectDirectly. This will ensure the correct company file is used in case a different one is already opened in QuickBooks, or in case QuickBooks is closed.

Connecting Directly from 32-Bit Applications

QuickBooks versions before 2022 are a 32-bit COM process. This means that only a 32-bit application can directly communicate with it. To establish a direct connection you must be running a 32-bit application, and the application must be running under the same user/permissions as QuickBooks. For instance, if QuickBooks is run with the "run as administrator" option, then the 32-bit application you are connecting from must also be run with the "run as administrator" option.

Property Precedence

ConnectDirectly will not be triggered if URL is set to a value, or if UseRDS is set to true. Both of these options take higher precedence. If ConnectDirectly is set to false (default) when URL is empty and UseRDS is false (default), it will cause the QuickBooks Gateway to automatically run and the CData ODBC Driver for QuickBooks will attempt a connection through the QuickBooks Gateway.

Compiling Applications

If you are compiling an application to connect to QuickBooks versions earlier than 2022, you must build as x86 since QuickBooks is a 32-bit COM process and cannot communicate directly with 64-bit processes.

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