JDBC Driver for QuickBooks

Build 23.0.8843


Create and query QuickBooks unit-of-measure default units. QuickBooks requires QBXML version 7.0 or higher to use this table.


Name Type ReadOnly References ColumnSize Description
ID [KEY] String True 255

The unique identifier of the unit-of-measure default unit.

UnitOfMeasureSetId String False



The item identifier of the unit of measure.

Name String False 31

The name of the unit of measure.

IsActive Boolean False

Boolean determining if the unit of measure is active.

UnitOfMeasureType String False 1000

The type of unit of measure, such as Count.

BaseUnit_Name String False 31

The name of the base unit of measure.

BaseUnit_Abbreviation String False 31

The abbreviation for the base unit of measure.

DefaultUnit_UnitUsedFor String False 100

What the default unit is used for.

DefaultUnit_Unit String False 31

The default unit.

EditSequence String True 16

A string indicating the revision of the record.

TimeCreated Datetime True

The time the record was created.

TimeModified Datetime True

The last time the record was modified.

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Build 23.0.8843