JDBC Driver for QuickBooks

Build 23.0.8843


Create, update, delete, and query QuickBooks Inventory Sites. Inventory Sites are only available in QuickBooks Enterprise 2010 and above, and only with the Advanced Inventory add-on.


Name Type ReadOnly References ColumnSize Description
ID [KEY] String True 255

The Id of the inventory site.

Name String False 31

Name of the inventory site.

IsActive Boolean False

Whether or not the inventory site is active.

SiteDesc String False 100

A description of the inventory site.

Contact String False 41

Contact for the inventory site.

Phone String False 21

Phone number for the inventory site.

Fax String False 21

Fax number for the inventory site.

Email String False 1023

Email address for the inventory site.

SiteAddress_Addr1 String False 500

First line of the address.

SiteAddress_Addr2 String False 500

Second line of the address.

SiteAddress_Addr3 String False 500

Third line of the address.

SiteAddress_Addr4 String False 500

Fourth line of the address.

SiteAddress_Addr5 String False 41

Fifth line of the address.

SiteAddress_City String False 255

City portion of the address.

SiteAddress_State String False 255

State portion of the address.

SiteAddress_PostalCode String False 30

Postal Code portion of the address.

SiteAddress_Country String False 255

Country portion of the address.

EditSequence String True 16

A string indicating the revision of the inventory site.

TimeCreated Datetime True

The time the inventory site was created.

TimeModified Datetime True

The time the inventory site was modified.

IsDefaultSite Boolean True

Boolean indicating if the inventory site is the default site for the company.

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Build 23.0.8843