ADO.NET Provider for QuickBooks

Build 21.0.7867


Sends the provided QBXML file directly to QuickBooks. This is designed for use with mass inserts.


Name Type Description
File String An url to the file to submit to QuickBooks.
ContinueOnError String Determines if QuickBooks will continue executing the request after an error has been reached. It can be used to stop the operation on an exception when mass inserting for instance.

The default value is true.

IncludeInfoMessages String Determines if info messages will be printed in the output. These typically do not contain any useful information other than indicating the specific request was successful.

The default value is false.

Result Set Columns

Name Type Description
RequestId String The Requestid the message is associated with.
Severity String The severity of the message.
StatusCode String The status code of the output message.
StatusMessage String The status message giving details abouts what happened.

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Build 21.0.7867