Tableau Connector for QuickBooks Online

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Create, update, delete, and query QuickBooks Vendors.


Name Type ReadOnly References Filterable Sortable Description
Id [KEY] String True True True

The Id of the vendor.

SyncToken String True False False

Version number of the object. It is used to lock an object for use by one app at a time. As soon as an application modifies an object, its SyncToken is incremented. Attempts to modify an object specifying an older SyncToken fails. Only the latest version of the object is maintained by QuickBooks Online.

MetaData_CreateTime Datetime False True True

The time the record was created.

MetaData_LastUpdatedTime Datetime False True True

The time the record was last updated.

Title String False False False

Title of a person.

GivenName String False True True

Given name or first name of a person.

MiddleName String False True True

Middle name of the person.

FamilyName String False True True

Family name or last name of the person.

Suffix String False False True

Suffix of the name.

DisplayName String False True True

The name of the vendor, as displayed.

CompanyName String False True True

The name of the company associated with the vendor.

PrintOnCheckName String False True True

Name of the person or organization as printed on a check

Active Boolean False True False

This field sets whether the vendor is currently enabled for use by QuickBooks.

PrimaryPhone_FreeFormNumber String False False False

Primary phone number.

AlternatePhone_FreeFormNumber String False False False

Alternate phone number.

Mobile_FreeFormNumber String False False False

The mobile phone number.

Fax_FreeFormNumber String False False False

Fax number.

PrimaryEmailAddr_Address String False False False

Email address of the vendor.

WebAddr_URI String False False False

Website address.

BillAddr_Id String False False False

Id of the entity for the billing address, mainly used for modifying the address. This field is assigned by the data service.

BillAddr_Line1 String False False False

First line of the address.

BillAddr_Line2 String False False False

Second line of the address.

BillAddr_Line3 String False False False

Third line of the address.

BillAddr_Line4 String False False False

Fourth line of the address.

BillAddr_Line5 String False False False

Fifth line of the address.

BillAddr_City String False False False

City name.

BillAddr_Country String False False False

Country name.

BillAddr_CountrySubDivisionCode String False False False

Region within a country. For example, the state name for the USA and the province name for Canada.

BillAddr_PostalCode String False False False

Postal code. For example, the zip code for the USA and Canada.

BillAddr_Lat String False False False

Latitude coordinate of the geocoded address.

BillAddr_Long String False False False

Longitude coordinate of the geocoded address.

OtherContactInfo_Type String False False False

The type of contact information.

OtherContactInfo_Telephone_FreeFormNumber String False False False

Telephone number information.

TaxIdentifier String False False False

Tax Id of the vendor.

TermRef String False


False False

The Id of a term associated with the vendor.

TermRef_Name String True


False False

A name that identifies a term associated with the vendor.

Balance String False True True

The amount the company owes to this vendor. For the create operation, this represents the opening balance or the unpaid amount for the vendor. When returned in response to the query request it represents the current open balance or unpaid amount for that vendor.

AcctNum String False False False

Name or number of the account associated with this vendor.

Vendor1099 Boolean False False False

This field specifies that the vendor is an independent contractor who is given a 1099-MISC form at the end of the year. The 1099 vendor is paid with regular checks and taxes are not withheld on their behalf.

CurrencyRef String False False False

The Id of the currency used in all the business transactions created for or received from that vendor.

CurrencyRef_Name String True False False

The name of the currency used in all the business transactions created for or received from that vendor.

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